ID and Banking programmes

A small pile of ID and Banking Programme leaflets situated on a coffee table alongside another small pile of leaflets.

Prisoner ID Programme

Through the Identification Programme, we provide right to work documentation for prison leavers, making it easier for them to enter employment upon release and secure accommodation or welfare payments. This documentation has real benefits for prison leavers, specifically in terms of moving into employment without delay.

Funding for ID is available for serving prisoners with twelve weeks or less to serve of their sentence.

Currently the following forms of IDs are within the scope of the programme:

Dedicated ID and Banking Administrators are in 92 prisons across England and Wales and are responsible for supporting prisoners to access the above programmes.

A hand holding a debit card

Prisoner Banking Programme

A bank account enables prison leavers to access employment, accommodation and welfare payments.

Prisons that join the programme are officially partnered with one of seven banking providers that have volunteered to take part: Barclays, the Co-operative Bank, HSBC, Lloyds Group, Natwest Group, Santander, and Nationwide Building Society. 

The programme enables those individuals who do not have an existing bank account and need one for use on release to apply for a basic bank account whilst in custody. Sentenced prisoners with no more than six months and no less than six weeks left until their release date are eligible for the Banking Programme. 

“UK Finance is pleased to support and work with New Futures Network and its partnering member firms on the Prisoner Banking Programme, which offers a Basic Bank Account to eligible individuals who might otherwise might have left prison without a bank account.

The finance sector, working with organisations such as New Futures Network, has significantly reduced the number of adults believed to be unbanked in the UK.

The industry recognises the importance of financial inclusion and access to banking services and looks forward to continuing its work with New Futures Network.”

UK Finance